Brazilian Keratin Hair

Moroccan Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry Hair Straightening Treatment Kit 200ml

Moroccan Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry Hair Straightening Treatment Kit 200ml

Moroccan Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry Hair Straightening Treatment Kit 200ml    Moroccan Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry Hair Straightening Treatment Kit 200ml

Moroccan Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment For All Hair Types. Whether you want to achieve straighter hair, maintain your curls or just have deeply conditioned frizz free beautiful hair, it is how you want your hair to be. The Brazilian Capillary Treatment is a blend of organic acids and conditioning agents (jojoba oil, wheat germ proteins, cocoa extracts, keratin, panthenol and white clay) able to reduce the volume of any type of curly and frizzy hair (in particular coloured/bleached or damaged hair) in an efficient and long lasting manner.

This specific combination of organic substances acts on the natural protein frame in the hair fibre, modifying its volume. The treatment also strengthens the keratin present in the hair, repairing even the most damaged fibres, providing strength and softness to the hair from the roots to the tips. The hairs final look is silky, soft and shiny with a volume reduction ranging between 70% to 90%. Suitable for all hair types including coloured, chemically treated, relaxed, bleached, curly, grey, virgin and afro hair. 200ml Moroccan Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment. An amount to do long thick hair, or to do 2/3 applications for shorter hair & of medium density. 50ml Pre Shampoo to open the hair cuticles in preparation to absorb the keratin. 150ml Moroccan Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment.

Instructions in English in five easy steps, 1 Pair of Gloves & Cape. Please note products are decanted into labeled bottles taken from the original containers. The application process takes between 2 to 3 hours to complete and 230 Celsius hair straighteners are required, and temperature maintained during the application process to allow the keratin to penetrate the hair cuticles. Hair can be washed the same day or left for 1 to 2 days or more allowing the keratin longer to penetrate the hair cuticles extending the longevity of the treatment.

The immediate result will be beautiful peak conditioned hair providing instructions have been followed correctly. If hair is not immediately straight after the first application, this will improve after the 2. Application and will continue to do so as treatments are repeated. This also depends on how curly, stubborn or how well your hair absorbs the keratin. As treatments are repeated the life of the treatment will begin to last longer and fewer treatments will be required. Salt free (sodium chloride and sulphate) free shampoos and conditioners must be used following treatment in order to maintain and lengthen the life of the treatment which will last up to 3 to 4 months. There are some keratin aftercare products on the market that do contain sulphate, but some are gentler than others and can be used following treatment. All the shampoos and conditioners in the shop and on our website are suitable for use following the Brazilian keratin treatment. Thank you for viewing my item. Keratin is a natural repairing substance, which comprises approximately 88% of your hair. It penetrates the hair repairing internal damage and coats the hair preventing further damage. Keratin is high in sulphur and the amino acid cysteine, which make it tough, elastic and insoluble. These qualities are fundamental to the strong structural role keratin often plays in nature.

It is the main protective substance in our hair, skin and nails. ·What is the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment? It is an advanced method for hair straightening.

It is more advanced than the traditional keratin treatment. The traditional treatment required a three to four day wait period before washing the hair. The new treatment allows you to wash the hair just one hour after completing the treatment. This is a real advancement you'll not find anywhere else in the world. ·Can I apply the keratin treatment on damaged hair that has been coloured?

Yes, you can use the treatment on hair that has been damaged by chemicals and neither will it break down your hair, but will transform your hair to beautiful deep conditioned hair. ·How long after the first application should I do the treatment again? You can treat your hair with the keratin treatment as many times as you wish until the desired straightening effect is achieved. ·For how long does straightening effect last after treatment? The straightening effect lasts up to three to four months, depending on how many previous keratin treatments have been applied and the care you provide by using the right aftercare products, and also avoiding salt water, such as rain, sea water etc.

·How many times do I have to apply the treatment for a good straightening effect? The need for more treatments will depend on the hair texture and how much care is provided in maintaining the treatment. ·What is the most common effect achieved after the treatment? From the first application you will notice a high degree of straightening effect and hair condition will be superb.

The product repairs, rebuilds, and hydrates hair providing a soft and silky effect. ·Does this product irritate the eyes or cause fumes? It is advisable that the application takes place in an open and well ventilated area and gloves are worn to protect hands.

·How much product should I use? On average 40ml for shoulder length hair and of medium density will be required. You should never apply too much product to the hair, adding more product than is necessary will not alter the final result. Too much product will leave hair heavy and difficult to manage when continuing with the application process when it comes to blow drying and straightening hair, and will create excessive fumes. ·Can I apply the product on the same day on which I have coloured, bleached/lightened or straightened my hair?

The product may be used at any time, including just after or before a colouring, bleaching and lightening, but not knowing for sure if there is any salt ingredient present in whatever product is used, it is advisable to keratin hair afterwards. ·My hair has been treated with products containing tioglicolato of ammonia and Pyro Gallic acid.

Can I use the product on my hair? Yes, there are no incompatibilities for hair which has already been treated with other straighteners. ·Will my hair get damaged after straightening treatment? No, Brazilian keratin straightening will improve hair condition leaving it soft, shiny and far easy to manage. ·Can I do this treatment while pregnant? It is not recommended to do this treatment while pregnant or around small children due to the fumes when blow drying and straightening which can cause discomfort.

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  1. Country/Region of Manufacture: Brazil
  2. Formulation: Mask
  3. Styling Effect: Anti-Frizz
  4. Hair Type: All Hair Types
  5. Type: Brazilian Blowout/Keratin
  6. Features: Ammonia-Free
  7. Active Ingredients: Formaldehyde
  8. MPN: Does Not Apply
  9. Gender: Unisex
  10. Age Group: 14 Years +
  11. Volume: 100-200ml
  12. Ingredients: Keratin
  13. Brand: Moroccan Brazilian Keratin
  14. Suitable For: Dry, damaged & frizzy hair

Moroccan Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry Hair Straightening Treatment Kit 200ml    Moroccan Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry Hair Straightening Treatment Kit 200ml